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Friends only.  
10:05am 14/12/2020
Monkey Wizard
Friends only.
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Check it out.  
05:56pm 24/04/2009
Monkey Wizard

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(no subject)  
06:41am 26/11/2008
Monkey Wizard

I wish I could do more for all the people out there who desperately need help like this. I don't know this family, but I wish them all the best.

If you can spare some cash...help a family keep their home.

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(no subject)  
09:16am 05/10/2008
Monkey Wizard

I'm losing my mind. I completely forgot to pay the electric bill last month, so now I have two bills to pay, and therefore less money than I thought we had. On the plus side, the bills seem to be smaller than they used to be. Somewhat.

I've also forgotten to save a couple debit receipts recently, which is very unlike me. I'm usually very careful with that sort of thing.

Tired of money. Just want to live in a tribe or something.

But enough about that. I need to be more upbeat to get through the day.

You know, before I tried it, I was baffled by the concept of carrot cake. It seemed like an odd combination, carrots and cake. While it still seems odd, at least I now know that it is delicious. So, I can have cake as well as a serving of vegetables!

If you've never played, Darwinia is a fun game. They have a multiplayer version now called Multiwinia. Basically a RTS war game thing. I love the art style -- retro arcade, but still high-tech I think I'd like to own it someday, but not now, as it is $25. Maybe it will be my own Christmas present.

Speaking of wanting things, do you know what I want? A cup and ball. Actually, specifically, I want a kendama. I love testing my dexterity. Plus, it's beautiful and fun in its simplicity. I was going to let it be my one birthday present (apart from Spore, which was mostly paid for with trades), but the electric bill situation urges me to put the desire aside for now. It's not like kendamas will vanish from the face of the earth or anything.

I dreamed odd things lately. I think I remember a three-headed fox (mini-Cerberus?), my goddaughter playing with a sword, and something regarding Avatar. Not all at the same time, mind you.

I have to finish getting ready for work. God bless overtime. Hopefully, I'll be able to get a lot of it this holiday season, though I will miss two-day weekends.

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Happy Holidays!  
08:45am 14/12/2007
Monkey Wizard
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Happy Winter Holiday to All  
06:37am 23/12/2006
Monkey Wizard

Greetings, everyone.

I wanted to give a gift to the world. Obviously, I can't do much, but I did make this myself:

(click if you want the full-sized version)

His name is Monkael, and he is the monkey angel that will protect us all. He is non-denominational, so he watches over you no matter what you believe or don't believe. He does not judge, he does not discriminate. He just loves and blesses everyone.

I offer thanks to everyone who sent us a card or present, and I hope our own gifts are appreciated for the love put into them. I wish you all the merriest holiday of choice and offer you this prayer (forgive me if it is no good, as it is not my usual way):

If you hunger, may you be fed.
If you suffer, may you be healed.
If you do good, may you be rewarded.
If you do wrong, may you be forgiven.
If you have no home, may you be sheltered.
If you have no money, may you find wealth.
May you find meaning in your own life.
May you bring meaning to others.
Good things come your way,
And bad things go away.
Live well, until we meet again.
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